What group ride is right for me?

Trail Rating System Description:


We want you to be prepared with as much information as possible before you join us for a ride. Knowing what you are getting in to is a great way to alleviate anxiety and enjoy your ride to the fullest.


We have put together a trail rating system that will hopefully help you determine if the trail we are riding is a trail YOU want to ride with us. Keep in mind, ALL our rides are "NO DROP". This means that you will never be left behind. We will always wait for you and do so with a smile. We are here to hang out with you and ride our bikes, the best combo we can think of.


On each ride posting you will see "Grunt Factor" and "Tech Factor". Both will be rating on a scale of 5 🦄 unicorns. The more unicorns, the greater the factor or harder the trail will be. If you have great fitness, but lack in the technical skills, a 4 unicorn Grunt Factor might be okay, but a 4 unicorn Tech factor might be intimidating. We hope this helps everyone come prepared and feel more confident on and off your bikes.


Grunt Factor: Will define how strenuous a trail is going to be. We will take into account the steepness of the grade of the trail as well as how much of the trail is at a steeper climb. If a trail has only one short section of climbing, it will have a low grunt rating, but if it has a sustained climb over many miles, it will have a high grunt rating. This will basically tell you how much you will sweat.


Tech Factor: Will define the difficulty of the obstacles in the trail and how many of those obstacles there are. If you have a trail that is steep going down and has a lot of loose rocks and possible drops, it will have a high tach factor. A trail that is buff and rolly, smooth and easy going, will have a low tech factory.


Hopefully the unicorns will help guide us all to mountain bike group ride bliss.

Here we go!

Find more pictures from the kickoff party  here

Find more pictures from the kickoff party here

The WomenMTB season officially got underway on May 4 with over 100 amazing ladies in attendance! We started off the morning with group rides around Corner Canyon. We certainly made our presence known as we divided up into our groups and hit the trails. After returning from our rides our awesome grilling guys, Spenser and Adam, were busy flipping burgers to feed the crowd. In the pits we had our amazing sponsors Bingham Cyclery, Shred Optics, Wildflower, MidweekMTB and Alta Vista Chiropractic demoing bikes, showing off new gear, and handing out swag. To finish off the party we had a table full of prizes for our opportunity drawing. Attendees walked away with helmets, goggles, jerseys, hats, Big Rack season pass, gift cards and more. I have watched WomenMTB grow over the last several years and it is simply amazing to see the community of women on bikes grow. Thank you for all of your support and we will see you out on the trail.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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Mid-Week Mini-Enduro Winners! 

I'd like to start off with thanking each and every woman out there who took the time to share their story and apply for the giveaway. It was truly inspiring, and choosing our winners was so difficult. DRUMROLL PLEASE!

I'm thrilled to introduce our winners! Give them a follow on social media, and join them on their journey to their FIRST MTB RACE!

Molly Morris @mollyadventuremama

I started riding mountain bikes about 2 years ago. This season I am the GRiT (girls ride together) coach for our high school team and think the time is right for me to take the plunge into mountain bike racing so I can relate more to these girls that I’m coaching and give them as much practical experience and advice as I can. My goal on bike is confidence. Gaining and sharing it with others, I think tackling this race will help me reach that goal this year.

Paula Colman @harpo_utah

Why do I want to train for an enduro? Honestly, my first thought was, “It sounds more exciting than my 179-day streak learning Spanish on Duolingo.” The real answer is that I love mountain biking and, after a longer-than-usual ski season, I’m excited to get on the trails, ride new trails and become a better rider. I’m 51 years old and, despite a mild French fry addiction, in better shape than I was at 21 and know I’m still improving. That’s a great feeling physically and emotionally. 

Melissa Lipani @woofslc

I'm one year into my mountain biking journey. This year has been all about trying new things at age 43..I've been a high level rock climber for 20 years, but decided I needed to broaden my horizons. Someone gave me a hand me down bike, and I fell in love! I demo'd some bikes, and finally bought a lovely steed for myself - Freddy Mercury, my Pivot Mach 5.5.

Thank you again everyone who entered. We hope to see you all at the Mid-Week Mini Enduro on June 18 at High Star Ranch!

Register for the Mini Enduro Here

Did somebody say FREE race?


Race the MidWeek Women’s Only Mini-Enduro for FREE

Have you been thinking about signing up for your first MTB race, but haven’t taken the plunge? Then this is for you! WomenMTB is looking for three women who haven’t raced MTB in any format before. We want to help you get out of your comfort zone, and on the trail with us! We’re looking for beginner or intermediate riders in any age category to share their experiences of competing in their first MTB race.

How to enter:

Email sponsors@womenmtb.org with your name, your social media handles, and short introduction to who you are and why you want try racing this year at the Mid Week Women’s Only Mini Enudro at High Star Ranch on June 18, 2019. Deadline to enter is April 15th at 10:00 PM

What we ask in return:

Our mission at WomenMTB is to inspire women to get out on the trails, and we want you to help us. The three lucky ladies we choose will need to be willing to share pictures of their journey from training to race day. We want to know how you’re preparing to take on the course at High Star Ranch. What that means:

Short posts for our Facebook and Instagram community showing how you’re preparing for race day. Follow up summary about race day for our newsletter.

WomenMTB welcomes new Executive Director


I am thrilled to have been appointed as the new Executive Director of WomenMTB and serve on the Board of Directors. WomenMTB is an organization that I have become very passionate about over the last 2 years.

I am a hairdresser and have owned and operated my own salon for 18 years. Prior to owning my own business I taught at a local Cosmetology school and also worked as an educator for a professional color company. I have always had a passion for sharing knowledge as well as learning from others.

I  have been married to my husband, Bruce, for 25 years and we have two great kids, Grady (11) Romey (8) and our trail-loving dog, Lemmy. My husband introduced me to mountain biking in 1993 when he bought me my first bike. We dabbled in some local downhill and cross-country racing for several years. He then took me out to the local BMX track, RAD Canyon, and I started racing BMX at a local and national level. I won several Utah State Championship titles as well as 7 National Age Group titles. After many years of racing BMX I really missed the solidarity of the mountains and single track so I refocused on riding my mountain bike again. After having our kids it was our goal to become a “biking family,” They both started racing BMX at four and then riding mountain biking at ages 8 and 6. I now spend many of my weekends riding mountain bikes or fat bikes with my family. I still race my mountain bike and just finished my second True Grit Epic in St. George and will be racing the Women’s Only Mini Enduro in June. I love adventure am always up for a challenge.

I have been involved with WomenMTB since 2017, first as a ride leader, club captain,  and now Executive Director. This club has become such a special part of my life due to the friendships I have made and the incredible women that I have met. My goals for WomenMTB is to continue to expand the club with more amazing women each year as well as developing the club into new areas. I would also like to help increase the interest of young girls riding bikes by providing clinics and group rides. My goal is to bring in more women only races including a cross country event to our area. We have such an amazing group created by Rae Sutherland and I will continue to build on what she has given us, a community of support and encouragement while having a great time on our bikes.

Shred On,

Danita Ritter