Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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Mid-Week Mini-Enduro Winners! 

I'd like to start off with thanking each and every woman out there who took the time to share their story and apply for the giveaway. It was truly inspiring, and choosing our winners was so difficult. DRUMROLL PLEASE!

I'm thrilled to introduce our winners! Give them a follow on social media, and join them on their journey to their FIRST MTB RACE!

Molly Morris @mollyadventuremama

I started riding mountain bikes about 2 years ago. This season I am the GRiT (girls ride together) coach for our high school team and think the time is right for me to take the plunge into mountain bike racing so I can relate more to these girls that I’m coaching and give them as much practical experience and advice as I can. My goal on bike is confidence. Gaining and sharing it with others, I think tackling this race will help me reach that goal this year.

Paula Colman @harpo_utah

Why do I want to train for an enduro? Honestly, my first thought was, “It sounds more exciting than my 179-day streak learning Spanish on Duolingo.” The real answer is that I love mountain biking and, after a longer-than-usual ski season, I’m excited to get on the trails, ride new trails and become a better rider. I’m 51 years old and, despite a mild French fry addiction, in better shape than I was at 21 and know I’m still improving. That’s a great feeling physically and emotionally. 

Melissa Lipani @woofslc

I'm one year into my mountain biking journey. This year has been all about trying new things at age 43..I've been a high level rock climber for 20 years, but decided I needed to broaden my horizons. Someone gave me a hand me down bike, and I fell in love! I demo'd some bikes, and finally bought a lovely steed for myself - Freddy Mercury, my Pivot Mach 5.5.

Thank you again everyone who entered. We hope to see you all at the Mid-Week Mini Enduro on June 18 at High Star Ranch!

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