What group ride is right for me?

Trail Rating System Description:


We want you to be prepared with as much information as possible before you join us for a ride. Knowing what you are getting in to is a great way to alleviate anxiety and enjoy your ride to the fullest.


We have put together a trail rating system that will hopefully help you determine if the trail we are riding is a trail YOU want to ride with us. Keep in mind, ALL our rides are "NO DROP". This means that you will never be left behind. We will always wait for you and do so with a smile. We are here to hang out with you and ride our bikes, the best combo we can think of.


On each ride posting you will see "Grunt Factor" and "Tech Factor". Both will be rating on a scale of 5 🦄 unicorns. The more unicorns, the greater the factor or harder the trail will be. If you have great fitness, but lack in the technical skills, a 4 unicorn Grunt Factor might be okay, but a 4 unicorn Tech factor might be intimidating. We hope this helps everyone come prepared and feel more confident on and off your bikes.


Grunt Factor: Will define how strenuous a trail is going to be. We will take into account the steepness of the grade of the trail as well as how much of the trail is at a steeper climb. If a trail has only one short section of climbing, it will have a low grunt rating, but if it has a sustained climb over many miles, it will have a high grunt rating. This will basically tell you how much you will sweat.


Tech Factor: Will define the difficulty of the obstacles in the trail and how many of those obstacles there are. If you have a trail that is steep going down and has a lot of loose rocks and possible drops, it will have a high tach factor. A trail that is buff and rolly, smooth and easy going, will have a low tech factory.


Hopefully the unicorns will help guide us all to mountain bike group ride bliss.