Rider skill level definitions

BEGINNER RIDER: You have ridden a mountain bike off road at least a few times and you know basics of how to use gears and brakes. You can get over a few small obstacles or have the desire to try or learn how. You can ride for at least 1 hour comfortably with a few stops. You are comfortable on green trails, starting to look at easy blue trails. You may be able to ride short steep hills up and down and be comfortable over small obstacles such as rocks and logs.

INTERMEDIATE RIDER: You ride on average 1-2 times a week. You can easily ride for 2 hours without much stopping. You can get over just about any small obstacle on flowey trails without stopping. You are comfortable on most switchbacks and smooth steeper ascents/descents. You are comfortable on all easy blues and working on harder blue and black trails. You may be working on steeps with obstacles, small drops and jumps or be ready to learn.