Rider skill level definitions

NEW RIDER: This is your first time riding a bike off road ever or at least first time riding in a while. You may not know how to shift, use brake effectively or know anything about good body position. Mountain biking is completely new to you. 
Trails you may like: You don’t know yet.

BEGINNER: You have ridden a mountain bike off road at least a few times and you know basics of
how to use gears and brakes. You can get over small obstacles in the trail like rocks, logs, low angle switchbacks. You can ride for 1-2 hour comfortably with only a few stops. You are comfortable on green and easy blue trails.
Trails you may like: Most of Round Valley, Lower Shoreline, Anne’s Trail (CC)

INTERMEDIATE: You can easily ride for over 2 hours at a good pace without much stopping, you
are comfortable on fast and flowy trails without stopping. You can get over most bigger obstacles in the trails climbing or descending such as rock gardens, large roots, most switchbacks, etc., and are exploring drops and jumps. You ride about 1-2 times/week and understand the basics of how your bike works. You are comfortable on all blue trails and many black trails. You may have done a race or two.
Trails you may like: Flying Dog, Wasatch Crest, Bobsled, John's and Sweeny's Switchbacks, Bike Parks, Rush and Levitate (CC)

ADVANCED: You ride regularly, 2-3 times per week and are comfortable on 3+ hour long rides.
You understand good body position, bike and body separation and can manage most any obstacle without stopping. You are comfortable with air time, wheel lifts, technical terrain up and down. You may be doing big drop, jumps, manuals and riding black and double black trails. You may be racing in the expert or pro category. 
Trails you may like: Bike Parks, Resorts, Bobsled, Jacob’s Ladder, Maple Hollow