Rae Sutherland - Park City/Salt Lake City

Rae has a handle on most things happening in and near Park City. She is also the founder of WomenMTB. Find out more about Rae below:

Location: Francis, UT (just south of Kamas, east of Park City)

Years Riding: If you count the purple huffy - 25 years. Seriously mountain biking, 16.

How did you get into riding: I don't really know. It brought me freedom when I was young then I bought a Mountain Tek hard tail and got more serious. I took a UVU Mountain Biking class, met some cool people and started working at a shop. I was hooked from then on.

Bike you currently ride: Canfield Brothers Riot, Specialized Allez Comp

Favorite memory on a bike: (this is a hard one) First time I rode the face of Squaw Peak (not sure this trail exists anymore). Riding the whole enchilada with some of my favorite people, having two mechanicals and few wrecks and bonking by the time I rode back to the car. And the first date with my husband.

What is your day job: Mom to a 2.5 year old boy. Therapeutic Horse Riding Instructor.

What is the best after ride food digs near you: Alberto's in Park City, yummy Mexican or for something a bit more fancy, I love Windy Ridge Cafe.

What is your favorite piece of bike gear you won't ride without: I absolutely love my 5.10 clipless shoes with my XTR pedals. Nothing better. I also wear earring every time I ride. 

One piece of advice you would give someone just starting to Mountain Bike: Find some good people to go with that you enjoy, are encouraging and let you go your pace. Be patient, time is your friend, if you want to improve, just keep riding, it will happen.