Heather Goodwin-Nelson - Utah Valley

Heather is the WomenMTB Representative for the Utah Valley Region. Heather is well connected and has a lot to share. Get to know Heather a bit better below:

Home Location: Orem, Utah

Years Riding: I started mountain biking in college on a Rocky Mountain rigid before suspension was invented. 

How did you get into riding: I've always been riding bikes, but the amount of riding has changed with each stage of my life.

Bike you currently ride: Santa Cruz Hightower 27.5+, Trek Superfly 29er, and Kestrel road bike.

Favorite memory on a bike: I started riding when I was 4 years old. I took my brother's full size bike to the curb, climbed up and pushed off. I failed, tried, failed, and tried again until I was able to ride on my own. No training wheels. No sitting down (the bike was to big). Just the pure joy of riding. That's how riding has been all my life.

What is your day job: I'm a single mom. I work with schools and teachers regarding Special Education and Accreditation. In my spare time I volunteer as the Head Coach for ProvoMTB with the Utah High School Cycling League.

What is the best after ride food digs near you: Oteo, Cubby's, Bam Bams BBQ, and Food Truck Fridays at Scera.

What is your favorite piece of bike gear you won't ride without: Helmets, shoes, cleats, clothing all change depending upon how and where I'm riding. But my consistent items are RoadID, a paired down first aid kit, Parktool I-B3 multi-tool, C02 inflater and C02 cartridge with duck tape and electrical tape wrapped around it.

One piece of advice you would give someone just starting to Mountain Bike: Mountain biking requires more skills than just pedaling. Take some time to learn and practice basic skills so when you are on the trail you feel confident in your abilities. When people invite you on a ride, say yes! If they are asking you to go they are okay with your skill and confidence level. Just ride and enjoy time with friends.

Get in touch with Heather about Utah County happenings via email: