We believe that learning to mountain bike should be a fun experience that makes you want to ride more. Learn how it's done then take that into your every day riding to feel more comfortable and confident. We have a variety of options throughout the year taught by certified coaches of all levels. 


 Want to learn how to do this? Come join us.

Want to learn how to do this? Come join us.

WomenMTB Bingham Cyclery Skill clinics

We heard your feedback from our last clinic and are excited to squeeze one more in before the end of the season, weather permitting of course. 

We are offering 4 clinics based on skills you told us you wanted to learn. Each clinic is from 10:00-2:00 on 10/27 and each group will have 8 women. We will play at Trailside and hope for good weather. We will refund you fully if the weather does not play along.

Clinics are below:
1. SMALL JUMPS AND DROPS (just starting to leave the ground) with coach Jen Hudak, PMBIA certified and professional enduro racer. $65. Register below.

2. BODY POSITION, BALANCE and OBSTACLES for beginner riders with Carrie Kirkpatrick, IMBA Certified coach and amazing human being. $65. Register below.

3. WHEEL LIFTS, BUNNY HOPS and UPHILL TECH CLIMBS with Rae Sutherland a PMBIA certified coach. $65. Register below.

4. By special request...KIDS CLINIC! Ages 7-12 for boys and girls with coach Susi Muecke also a PMBIA certified coach with years of experience coaching kids and adults. Requirements for kids clinic: 
-rider must have a mountain bike with at least 20" wheels, gears and hand brakes. 
-Bike must be in good functioning order. If it needs a little love, head over the Bingham Cyclery to get it checked out.
-Child must bring a spare tube to fit their bike tire size.
-Guardian must accompany child to sign a waiver and be accessible by phone throughout clinic. 
Kids will practice the basics, make friends and learn to love mountain biking. $50. Register below.

WomenMTB Club Members can take advantage of a $10 discount for the adult clinics. Only available to 10 club members and not available for the kids clinic. The code will be posted in the Club Only Facebook group.