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WEBER WomenMTB/Bingham Cyclery Group Ride: Slackwater

WEBER WomenMTB Bingham Cyclery Group Ride

Time for mountain biking and dinner with the Weber club! We'll be meeting at Bingham Cyclery/Slackwater Pizzeria (same parking lot) and riding from there. When we get's FREE PIZZA. Shout out to one of our favorite sponsors, Slackwater Pizzeria! (You do not need to be a club member to be included).

RIDE LEADERS: Monica Hall, Kenzie Silberman

TRAIL NAME: Ogden River Parkway to Rainbow Gardens
Distance: 6-8 miles
Elevation Gain: less than 600 VF
Estimated Riding Time: 2 hours
Grunt Factor: (3 out of 5 unicorns - 5 being hardest) 🦄
Tech Factor: (2 out of 5 unicorns - 5 being hardest)🦄
Other things to know: We'll be meeting at the Bingham Cyclery/Slackwater Pizzeria parking lot. Meet there at 6 and ride down the parkway to the Rainbow Gardens trailhead. We will ride as far on the trail as possible before heading back in order to be back to Slackwater by 8pm at the latest.

Directions to Trailhead: Slackwater Pizzeria is right next door to the Bingham Cyclery shop in Ogden. It is right before (or after, depending on where you're coming from) the big Ogden arch.
Address: 1895 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401
Pin to parking lot:
Find your ride leaders: Monica rides a black Orbea (or a purple and blue Orbea), and Kenzie rides a navy and green Diamondback.

As a WomenMTB Club group ride, you can find ride information on the WomenMTB website,, Roll_Out App

If this is your first ride with WomenMTB/Bingham Cyclery please fill out the liability waiver here:

If you are not sure if this ride is for you, find more information on Ride Level Descriptions and the Unicorn Trail Rating System. If all else fails, just come join us and we will have fun either way!


Admin and Event hosts are not responsible for a rider's safety on any ride. It is the rider's own responsibility to decide if they are capable of any rides they join. Rider's are welcome to dismount and walk any parts of ride they are uncertain of. Bikes must be in a safe working condition and helmets should always be worn on rides.

It is the rider's own choice to decide how much protection should be worn on rides. Spare tubes, bike pump and basic tools should be carried on all rides. Sufficient water and food should be taken on all rides. It is a good idea to bring your own First Aid kit on rides as well.

WomenMTB, Bingham Cyclery or any person associated with either entity, will not be liable in any way, or in any circumstances for any damage, injury or loss to you or to your party that may occur during, in connection with, or as a result of mountain biking. Users participate in the sport entirely at their own risk and must ride within their own capabilities. By joining a group ride you agree to all the above.