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WomenMTB ~ RAD Canyon BMX Ride Session

We had such a great turn out on the 19th and an overwhelming interest so are taking over the track once again!

You are welcome to bring your family to this ride session and let them roll around the track with you.

Location Pin:

Ride Leader: Danita

Event Cost: $5.00 per rider and make sure to wear a long sleeve shirt or jersey.

Track Description: The indoor BMX track is located inside the South Jordan Equestrian Building. The track is typically 900 ft long which includes table top jumps, rollers and berms. These obstacles can be rolled over or used to work your jumping skills. This is a great opportunity to get back on your bike and brush up on your skills.

Equipment: Any mountain bike, dirt jumper or BMX bike can be used to ride the track. I would suggest wearing safety gear such as knee and elbow pads, long sleeve shirt, long pants or shorts w/ knee pads. Flat pedals are recommended but not required. Please be sure to bring a helmet either MTB or full face.

If you totally fall in love with the thrill of riding around the track there will be races that night that does not require purchasing a membership just a $25 race entry fee. If there are enough ladies interest they will have a mountain bike only class! So gather all your girlfriends for a great day on bikes!

*** Please fill out a liability waiver at the table when entering the building.

RAD Canyon BMX

As a WomenMTB Club group ride, you can find ride information on the WomenMTB web page,



Admin and Event hosts are not responsible for a rider's safety on any ride.

It is the rider's own responsibility to decide if they are capable of any rides they join.

Rider's are welcome to dismount and walk any parts of ride they are uncertain of.

Bikes must be in a safe working condition and helmets should always be worn on rides.

It is the rider's own choice to decide how much protection should be worn on rides.

Spare tubes, bike pump and basic tools should be carried on all rides.

Sufficient water and food should be taken on all rides.

A First Aid kit should be taken on rides.

WomenMTB, Bingham Cyclery or any person associated with either entity, will not be liable in any way, or in any circumstances for any damage, injury or loss to you or to your party that may occur during, in connection with, or as a result of mountain biking. Users participate in the sport entirely at their own risk and must ride within their own capabilities.

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